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We are educating people since 2004 about capital markets which enables them to earn extra income. We recently crossed the mark of 16331 Students.

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About Rahul Jaju Sir,

                              The journey of Stock Market for Rahul Jaju Sir started in October 1998. At the beginning Sir didn’t have any expertise knowledge about stock market. He acquired market information from brokers, newspaper and various television channels. The years ‘1998 to 2004’ were a phase of Profit-Loss-Profit for him. This taught Sir, a hard lesson of market that “to win consistently complete knowledge of market is required before entering and investing!”

                  So, Sir started a small venture to educate people about the Stock Market. At the beginning he started training programs at his residence. After receiving good response from students he transformed this small venture into Stock Market Academy under the name of “Vansh Capital” at Bhandarkar Road, Deccan, Pune.

                        At the commencement of Vansh Capital training program classes were conducted only on the subjects of Stock Market. Gradually, class introduced courses like Technical Analysis & Derivatives Market. To give diversification Vansh Capital introduced courses like Commodity, Currency and Mutual Fund.  In next phase, to make the students an independent analyst of stock market and permanent player of financial market, we started courses like Equity Research, Financial Planning & Stock Market Special Events. Currently, Sir teaches ten different courses of Financial Market.

            In our sincere attempt to guide the students for self-trading, we introduced our Advisory Service of Trading & Investment. Consistently to be with our students Vansh Capital started Personlised Portfolio Management. In the last 11 years of training Sir has conducted more than 600 training workshops and trained more than 8,000 students. Taking a step forward in creating awareness of Financial Markets among people, we introduced Financial Literacy Course for children in 2013, targeting children of age group between 10 to 14 years. Vansh Capital received immensely an encouraging response from this newly introduced Course for Small Wonders.

                  Sir is highly passionate about his work and always enthusiastic in providing guidance. The Vision of Sir is Crystal Clear that states - “Create Knowledge Based Wealth for Everyone!”